Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vegan Victory

Did anyone/everyone hear about this headline news article?

Low-fat, vegan diet hailed for Type 2 diabetes

When I get asked about veganism, the most common 'auto-response' I get is: "why would we have these canine teeth if we weren't meant to eat meat?"

First of all we humans are primates, and our bodies are very much designed for a plant based diet. Heart disease is the number one killer of canadians because we have diets that are inconsistent with our physiology.

Here is a video that I think articulates that:

How well understood is veganism? I think I've found a video that acurately reflects general knowledge on the subject:

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John D

Monday, July 24, 2006

Aw Crap..

I don't know if you heard about that tropical storm that hit the maritimes last Friday.. It destroyed our cell phone/egg cooker, and our digital camera (so no photos of Eabha's new haircut for now). We will work on replacing it in a few weeks (maybe September), in the meantime, we can upload photos that friends take.

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John D

Video and Link

Honest Government 'Information' About Cannabis, Like Health Canada's Misinformation

Mumia - Capitalist Economy

Americans Are Not So Smart When It Comes To The Middle East: Lou Dobbs

A Good Blog From Lebanon

Here is a great blog from lebanon:

Facts about lebanon and israel the media won't tell you, by Noam Chomsky:

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Nanny Muffins, Veganize Me Breakfast and Parachute Fun

Happy Birthday Nanny Muffins! This is a quick 1:30 am post, mostly for a pant load of photos. It's Pride Weekend in Halifax. I think it's going to be gay. Unfortunately we're expecting a storm, which seems to be the norm as opposed to the exception this season.

Eabha is not allowed to use cell phones anymore. This is why, and thank you Aaron K for passing this along and creeping me the );#$ out.


Need A Cooker?
Use Your Cell Phone

By Sue Mueller

Many organizations including the cell phone industry often downplay the risk of cell phone radiation to the brain. Results from short-term studies were used to convince consumers that use of a cell phone is not associated with brain tumors or cancer, which only develop decades after exposure.

To be fair, no one knows exactly how much harm a cell phone can do to a person. However recently, new media has reported a study showing the radiation from cell phones is so full of energy they can be used to cook eggs.

In the experiment, researchers placed one egg in a porcelain cup (because it is easy to conduct heat), and put one cell phone on one side and another cell phone on the other. The researchers then called from one cell phone to another and kept the cell phones on after connecting.

During the first 15 minutes, nothing changed. After 25 minutes, however, the egg shell started to become hot and at 40 minutes, the surface of the egg became hard and bristled. Researchers found the protein in the egg had become solid although the egg yolk was still in liquid form. After 65 minutes, the whole egg was well cooked.

The study shows how scary cell phone radiation is. People should try to avoid use of cell phones. Although so far no one has proved the radiation from cell phones can cause something clinically significant. By the same token, there has been no one who can disprove the existence of such a risk.

Children should be forbidden from cell phone use because they are still growing, and their brains and are particularly vulnerable to radiation.

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How Two Russian Journalists Cooked An Egg
With Their Mobile Phones

Vladimir Lagovski and Andrei Moiseynko from Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper in Moscow decided to learn first-hand how harmful cell phones are. There is no magic in cooking with your cell phone. The secret is in the radio waves that the cell phone radiates.

The journalists created a simple microwave structure as shown in the picture. They called from one cell phone to the other and left both phones on talking mode. They placed a tape recorder next to phones to imitate sounds of speaking so the phones would stay on.

After 15 minutes: The egg became slightly warm.

25 minutes: The egg became very warm.

40 minutes: The egg became very hot.

65 minutes: The egg was cooked. (As you can see.)

Why Eggs Are Grosser Than Cell Phones

Here are two videos of some of us having fun with a parachute that our pals and neighbours from this blog brought over.

Here is a few seconds from Lebanon. July 16, 2006.

What if non-human animals could let us know what they think about the way in which we treat them?

A really really great music video about our relationship with other animals:

Enjoy the photos,

John D @ 2:26 am

Veganize me. Door 1.. JD Posted by Picasa

Veganize Me. Door 2.. JD Posted by Picasa

This is Angie, she is the one roommate not yet featured on Eabha The Kiwi. The one besides, Andy the Tea Drinking Phantom. This ardent animal liberation/rights activist organized and put together this AMAZING Vegan breakfast. A local bookstore (Outside The Lines - The one Emily works for) paid for half the ingredients to have their logo on the tickets. Anywho it was a huge success. Lotsa people, really good food; and one got killed.. Em Posted by Picasa

Me with a stupid look on my face.. Em Posted by Picasa

Waffle making in the keychawn.. Em Posted by Picasa

Rabble.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha does the rounds.. Em Posted by Picasa

Emily made this dress.. Em Posted by Picasa

Angie watches Eabha get into mischief.. Em Posted by Picasa

Rabble.. Em Posted by Picasa

Claire and Angie (roommate), the co-conspirators of 'Veganize Me' - Vegan Breakfast.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha in plant world.. Em Posted by Picasa