Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The New Apartment


Well I know it’s been a while but we’ve been busy. We’re 92% moved in to the new apartment. Our new address is available upon email request, as is our new phone number and MSN account info. We now have a web cam for those interested in seeing Eabha and/or us in “real time”. All we want is one more piece of furniture so that there aren’t as many things on the floor; although Eabha seems to really like what’s on the floor.

We have four core roommates (that’s “flat mates” here), Ingrid and Simon, Kali, and Tim. We may get some more as there is still another room available, though the extra room may be used for tattooing, activism, violin practice (thank you Ingrid), and reading.

We are using a consensus based decision making model and have started an Auckland chapter of “Food Not Bombs” (see the link section under “Community Links”). Speaking of links, check out the dandy new key-chain I just ordered!! It is the COOLEST thing ever!!!

It is getting quite a bit cooler here. We just had a weather system from Antarctica blow in some particularly cold weather for about two days.

Emily is looking forward to some “break-time” which she more than deserves. I keep telling her that’s why we have Mother’s Day once a year. I know. Not funny at all. In all seriousness Emily is looking forward to Mother’s Day….Because….IT’S ALSO EABHA’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Eabha is growing a lot (as one might imagine). Like I mentioned in the last post she is walking and running everywhere. We just got her a whole bag of clothes, and Emily has been making some (yay Emily!!), because she’s growing out of so much.

’Well I should probably go and get some of my homework done (I don’t see myself as being much of a homework hander-outer). After this week of “break” I have another week at University and then six weeks of high school placement.

Take Care and Stay In Touch,

Eabha, John David and Emily

Eahba here, before I show you my new place, I want you to meet Oscar.. Posted by Hello

Emily, Eabha and Oscar (the biggest aloe plant ever).. Posted by Hello

Out the kitchen door.. Posted by Hello

A view from the street.. Posted by Hello

Outside the front door.. Posted by Hello

Front of the apartment.. Posted by Hello

Out the bedroom door.. Posted by Hello

Emily on the balcony.. Posted by Hello

Emily likes the palm tree outside the balcony.. Posted by Hello

Begining of the balcony.. Posted by Hello

End of the balcony.. Posted by Hello

Focusing in on the living room dimensions.. Posted by Hello

View from the kitchen into the living room.. Posted by Hello

Living room wall.. Posted by Hello

Living room wall.. Posted by Hello

Preparing a meal for "Food Not Bombs".. Posted by Hello

Preparing a meal for "Food Not Bombs".. Posted by Hello

Eabha comes over to see how Simon and Kali are doing. Posted by Hello

Eabha, what is Ingrid reading? Posted by Hello

Eabha strains to see if she can help make pumpkin soup. Posted by Hello

Canadian bio-health officials would be appaled! Posted by Hello

Eabha gets some ideas from "Hop on Pop". Posted by Hello

Couch seating. Trying to get a leg up. Posted by Hello

Eabha sees something she likes.. Posted by Hello

The non-verbal request. Words are over rated. Posted by Hello