Sunday, February 25, 2007

Aaron Koleszar Visit, Gothic VS. Gay Party, Crystal Crescent Beach With Eleanor, Eabha's Candle Lit Bath

So our good friend and commrade Aaron Koleszar came out for a visit this weekend. It was great, as usual to have his company, and his influx of radical propaganda (DVD's, posters, patches, news letters...).

On Friday night, Aaron, Eabha and I went to the Gothic Vs. Gay party that our friend Capp was hosting and had invited us too. It was a lot of fun but Eabha was tired to begin with and we left as the major influx of freaks was commencing. That night Eabha took 3 minutes to fall asleep, a new record.

Saturday found us at the market with Keli, which was a lot of fun. I got Eabha some egyptian cammomile tea, and citrus lavendar tea...both potions intended to knock her out like an elephant tranquilizer at bedtime. It totally works! Ha!

Afterwards we drove out to Crystal Crescent Beach with our friend Eleanor. We almost got a bit lost on our two and a half hour hike, but with our bread crumbs...found our way back. The day in the cold wind ended for Eabha, with a warm candle lit bath.

Sunday afternoon finds us here on the couch, eating strawberries and drinking more tea, updating the blog and whatnot. We're looking forward to our swimming lesson in two hours, and yes Gamma, the new bathingsuit fits Eabha perfectly!!

The Literacy Support Programme has been going really well at school/work. This workshop's sample was an article on race, which left a lot of room for politicising the personal. The next workshop's sample will be using the medium of video to re-approach reading strategies. Here is the video sample we'll most likely be using:

Be Well,

John D

Aaron labels cd's and watches the news with Eabha

Aaron Koleszar

Aaron and Eabha, hanging out before the party starts and eating dulse, which Eabha is fond of

Aaron and Eabha, hanging out

Aaron and Eabha, hanging out

A little bit of Capp's place

There's a rumour this was a xmass ornament from the xmass tree at city hall. Pitty. Looks lovely on the ceiling

Clip-on earing

Eabha had Goth face paint, but also had a fairy on her shirt, which is decidedly Queer.

Our friend, comrade and host (seated) Capp, and someone I don't know

Hanging out on the couch with Sara and Larissa

Laughing at the same joke while Eabha adjusts her earings


Goth Vs. Queer

People I don't know sitting on couch with person I don't know staring at camera

On the way to Crystal Crescent

"How do you catch a wave and pin it down"?


Half crash


Full crash

Surging up the beach toward canine and several homo sapiens

End of cycle, or beginning..

Kyna engaged in serious Lab work (eating rocks and growling at them)

Crystal Crescent Beach

Surging forward

Ray of light

45 degrees

Carefully watching the frozen ground

Old abondoned look out

Looking in the look out

Going in

Window with a view


Secondary beach

All parties tired on trip back

Unsuspectingly drinking the tea, he he

Catching up with bathtyme lizard

An Eabha face

Another classic Eabha face

The faery box has been turned on and has left the fingers

Eabha adds more tea

Eabha adds more tea

Eabha adds more tea

The view from above

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Two post in one day...can I do that? Happy Birthday Dad!

Yes I can. I took these photos after Eabha and I had gotten back from the grocery store where she snagged this balloon (that trick worked the second time Anna, take that capitalism!). Anywho this photoshoot manifested spontaneously while I was putting groceries away, clearly Eabha was right into more words, these pictures are worth several'll see!

Leave a comment or else!

John D

P.S Happy Birthday to my father, who's birthday was on February 16th!