Sunday, February 26, 2006

Everything Grows

My apologies to our doting fans, for the lack of posts in the recent past. I'll do my best to make up for lost time! I've compiled a list of Headings as they came to me, so I'll fill them in as I go:

Fred Penner

So we heard that Fred Penner the children's entertainer was coming with The Wilderbeats, and our first thought was to snatch up some tickets. Emily and I both remember seeing and hhearing Fred Penner when we were younger and were excited to impart the experience on Eabha. Then I went to Fred Penner's site. I thought I'd re-aquaint myself with his music and familiarize myself with the inevitable blog link. Now on one hand, I'm happy that he's coming. I'll be honest that I'd rather go check out Raffi, as I've been reading his auto biography Life of a Children's Troubadour and rediscovering his music for the past year. Still, Fred Penner would be here next week; and part of the ticket price goes to Oxfam International (although it's a liberal reformist organization doomed to failure, it's not a bad short term cause and they do raise a lot of awareness). Back to his web page though. I'm navigating his web page and I check out his "Links" page where I discovered to my horror, two links to "MnM's" (candy). What could I possibly have against MnM's you ask? Well first of all, they aren't very healthy for Fred Penner's target audience. Fred Penner would do better to inspire healthy eating in children instead of prostituting his art to big corporations. Secondly, the big corporation that owns MnM's is Masterfoods USA. If you do a google search on "Masterfoods USA" and "Boycott" you get a link about Grade Four Students who have organized a boycott to protest the slavery conditions in the Ivory Coast for the cocoa that goes into chocolate products like Mars Bar and MnM's. For shame that Fred Penner wouldn't use his celebrity culture to promote fair trade, instead of hawking unethical, slavery bars. Anyway, I will write to Fred Penner about this, mention it on the guestbook on his web page, and I will try to mention it to him in person.

Since I lost both my Grandpas before I turned seven, it is mostly the Grandmas' stories I recal: Mayrenie's from the Bible, and Peka's more personal ones. They both had a lot to say about their escape from the widespread Turkish massacre of Armenians in the early 1900s. Among the biblical lore, I was captivated by the stories of Daniel in the lion's den, Jonah and the Whale, and my favorite, Jesus driving the money vendors from the temple. Raffi. Life of a Children's Troubador, p. 23.

Leaps and Bounds

Both Eabha and Kyna (the new puppy) are growing in leaps and bounds. Kyna is about 3 times as big as when she came home! She can "sit", and "come", she knows not to bite or nip, she knows how to walk properly with a leash and sit down at the curbs (thank you Rowan), and we're getting there with the toilet training.

Eabha is onto 4 syllablel words like "salamander", and she's full of phrases and sentences. She is getting bigger and looks and acts a lot older. Maybe she knows she's turning two in two months! She seems to understand that her hero, Anna, is gone for now but that we'll see her soon. When something is fun or exciting, Eabha always says "E-Ha". Anna taught her that. Anna can't help it, she's originally from calgary. We still like her.

Eabha also exclaimed "Nanny!" (Eabha's maternal grandmother) yesterday when we passed a Commissionare. Eabha had recognized that the Commissionaire's uniform was the same as Nanny's. Very clever.

Supply Teaching

Supply teaching is still going well and frequently. Shouldn't be long now, until I'm registered for the province and then the municipality, which will enable me to teach in the public school system.

Tattooing & Art Contracts

Emily is still tattooing and is also getting small contracts to illustrate here and paint there. Emily also got a job promoting a radical bookstore to university professors, which means she can work from our home.

New Flatmates

March 1st will bring more warmth into our home. Our good pals and comrades Keli and Simon will be moving in with us! We're really looking forward to it. Simon and Keli are great people who have as great a relationship with Eabha as they do with us, and I will only have to climb Mt. Dishes once a week.

Cookie Loves Cake Blog

Speaking of Flatmates. Our pal, comrade and ex-flatmate from new zealand has started a new blog, related to her work on a Greenpeace ship. Here is the link, please, send her a comment of support!

People in New Zealand

Speaking of people in new zealand, we haven't forgotten about you. We're slowly chugging along on sending a package your way. We miss you and talk about you all the time. Eabha sends her love and we hope more than a few of you will visit some time.

Video Links

Here is a 3 minute video called "Why I Love To Stealal From Big Corporations" that our friend and comrade Dave sent us... Actually, now that I think about it...Dave is our Flatmate too! He just moved in the other week. I guess that will bring our numbers to 8! And we will have two visitors this week: My cousin Sarah, and our friend Morgan!

Corporate Watch Link

I gave a link before that allows you to search for corporations to reveal their corporate crimes. The link I gave was for the british version. Here is the other one that I meant to send.

March 18th

People here are starting to gear up for the next anti-war/anti-occupation protest coming up on March 18th. Is there one going on in your area? Yes, then joint it! No, then organize it!

Whew, That's quite a bit for right now I'd better scram, but I'll try and update again this week.

Use The Force
John D

I build no system. I ask an end to privilege, the abolition of slavery, equality of rights, and the reign of law. Justice, nothing else. That is the alpha and omega of my argument. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first self-labeled anarchist

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Registered & Busy

I am now a registered teacher in New Zealand. Nova Scotia registration should follow in about three weeks and Halifax Municipal registration should occur a few days later. I have been teaching several classes on a substitute basis. I have been spending time with four year olds, eight year olds and twelve year olds.

Emily has been getting very steady work with tattooing. Her client base is growing with her reputation as a good and trustworthy artist. We are still photographing the tattoos and hope to post some of those photos maybe next week.

We are trying to prepare Eabha and ourselvs fo rthe departure of our dear friend, inspiriation and commrade through the long haul, Anna H. She is leaving for the West of the country on Sunday and we will miss her very very much!

Fare Thee Well,

John D

The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue. Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"
The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that 'the best government is that which governs least,' and that which governs least is no government at all. Benjamin Tucker
Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us. Leo Tolstoy, Russian Novelist and Christian Anarchist

Eabha at the Valentine's Day party.. JD Posted by Picasa

Eabha with friends at the Valentine's Day party that Anna hosted.. JD Posted by Picasa

Eabha at the Valentine's Day party.. JD Posted by Picasa

Eabha at the Valentine's Day party.. JD Posted by Picasa

Kyna following Eabha.. JD Posted by Picasa

Emily and Kyna.. JD Posted by Picasa

Kyna.. Em Posted by Picasa

Kyna.. JD Posted by Picasa

Emily, Eabha and Kyna.. JD Posted by Picasa

Good pal/commrade Aaron K, Eabha and Kyna.. Em Posted by Picasa

Kyna & Me.. Em Posted by Picasa

Kyna in jacket.. Em Posted by Picasa

Kyna & Me.. Em Posted by Picasa

Kyna in jacket.. Em Posted by Picasa

Arrrgghhh.. JD Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

KYNA!! & Cartoon Protest In Halifax

Well Hello!

Our family has increased it's numbers by one! Meet Kyna ("Key-Nah") which means "wise" or "intelligent" in Gaelic. She's been with us for 3 days now, and is living up to her name by dutifully using the paper more often than not. Rowan has been putting up with her quite well, and showing her the ropes; and Eabha...she's sold, trust me.

Today we attended a demonstration against the inflammatory cartoons that have incited an already antagonized Muslim population. I posted an article and photos to maritimes indymedia, the article is titled "March Against inflammatory Professor". I'm hoping to have corrected the typos within a few hours of this post!


John D

Kyna and Rowan take a power nap.. JD Posted by Picasa