Wednesday, March 30, 2005

'Allo 'Allo...

A brief update..

Ruth is very happy with her tattoo, it is healing well. Emily wanted me to point out to anyone who thought the tattoo looked crooked, it was because of how Ruth had her shoulderblade positioned at the point I took the photograph. Insert stererotype of how all tattooed people are crooked here.

Eabha has taken one step when I wasn't looking, and two steps on two different occasions when Emily wan't looking. Too bad for Eabha. Walking doesn't count until it's three steps. Ha. ...and we both have to see it.

I am wrapping up my last three days of this first placement.

Did you know (apparently), that India, has fourteen different languages, and not one of them......not one....has a word for teach? This comes from a perspective where learning is done by an individual, in accordance with their own free will, and my their own actions.

"Teaching" in contrast, is synonomous with the notion of a student being an empty recepticle, into which a teacher pours in (coersion implied) knowledge. The teacher is the active ingredient and the student is less engaged.

This isn't to say that learning isn't facilitated in India; or that information isn't contextualised, given perspective and even presented. But the student is an adventurer on a quest, and not a container into which stale curriculum, authoritarianism and indoctrination are thrown.

In case you haven't figured it out....I'm gonna go with India on this one.

Tomorrow I FACILITATE my fist class. It will be called: "Smokescreen: Propaganda and Tobacco" In it, we will look at systems of information; what propaganda is, what it can be used for (negative and positive), and tobacco ads and anti-smoking public information, and smoking related subvertisements. It's for a year (grade) 10 Health Education class.

I should probably go so I can get ready for it...

Woo Hoo to you who downloaded The telecom CEO's are going to miss our long distance bills...oh well.

Mischief on the horison.. Posted by Hello

Uhhh, Eabha? Have you seen the basil plant? Posted by Hello

Emmmm, perhaps; and why might you be asking? Posted by Hello

Eabha stretching her new big legs.......if you think that's funny, ya shoudda seen 'er shoes... Posted by Hello

A bagel in the life of Eabha.. Posted by Hello

A bagel in the life of Eabha.. Posted by Hello

A bagel in the life of Eabha.. Posted by Hello

A bagel in the life of Eabha.. Posted by Hello

Another cliche sunset ending.. Posted by Hello

Another cliche sunset ending.. Posted by Hello

Another cliche sunset ending.. Posted by Hello

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Vernal Equinox...

Happy Autumn (here), Spring (North america)...

Thought we'd throw up a few pictures for those of you who are interested in seeing Emily's first tattoo on someone other than herself. Our friend Ruth was the canvas. She (Ruth and Emily) was(/were) very pleased with the results. The original version of the image she wanted can be seen here (number 24). She came over with her partner (now she can give him that, "I've got hue under my skin", look. - ha?).

Hats off to the students in Montreal. Its that kind of attitude (me thinks) that keeps their tuition fees the lowest in the country. Hmm...Direct action gets the goods!

If anyone wants to call us and doesn't want to pay for the call (and has access to phone/internet); I implore thee to download SKYPE, from and use the software to look us up: anarchy.its.about.whirled.peas (you can look us up by my name). If thoust computer doth not have a microphone, might I suggest you grab any old pair of earphones and speak into one of the ears (one of the two will serve fantastically as a microphone when the earphones are plugged into the microphone port)! Wow.....Free long distance.....frreee.......TELL EVERYONE!!!!.....DUMP YOUR BELL CANADA STOCKS!!!!!

By the way, the skies have been fantastic lately, because of a high pressure system that has brought massive clouds and torrential rain. It's mostly sunny and hot here still, the average temperature being 22-25.

I should go, I have 2 assignments to do and 3 lessons to plan for by Wednesday. Oh yeah, two very special people; who have always inspired the heck out of us; who's energy, compassion and imagination have no limitations...Anna and Dave...have their own blog. From India, may I present

Until Next Time...

John D

I'm not suprised by the reason the conservatives cited for rejecting the last budget. I just think it serves to further expose Steven Harper's real agenda.

We went out onto the balcony to hear this booming voice that spoke to us from above this hole in the sky.. But the voice was pretty muffled so we just went back inside.. Posted by Hello

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The artist prepares as the canvas awaits.. Posted by Hello

Eabha likes those strange fruit from the other day.. Posted by Hello

Emily's first time giving a tattoo in New Zealand (besides herself), Ruth's first time getting one.. Posted by Hello

Sun Set.. Posted by Hello

Sun Set.. Posted by Hello

Sun Set.. Posted by Hello

Sun Set.. Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005



Thank you all for the piles of emails, letters, phone calls, blog comments and desktop dedications we received with regards to Scrunchy Face. Scrunchy Face is pleased, yet still often...scrunchy.

Among the throngs of responders were requests for different kinds of pictures. Mainly pictures of how we've been spending our time and "regular everyday pictures of New Zealand people and places".

Well, the pictures of demonstrations we've attended can all be found on the main pages, archived pages and media pages of

We haven't had the time to take pictures of random people/friends lately, but we'll try soon.

We went to the highschool I am being placed in for two weeks, this past Sunday to look around. We took some photos at the school and around it on the street.

The school is very interesting. Similar in some ways and VERY different in other ways. I am REALLY into Noam Chomsky's book "MISEDUCATION". It's really good, and compliments some of what I have been learning in university classes, and experiencing in the highschool that I have been placed in.

The placement ends next Friday, and I will have two other placements later on in the year. Next week I will be teaching a health education class (on tobacco) and two social studies classes.

We will try to get more pictures posted this weekend; until then...

john d

...Highschool placement.. Posted by Hello

...Highschool placement... Posted by Hello

...Highschool placement... Posted by Hello