Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Last Post From Aotearoa

Well that's it. We're all packed up, although it took longer than expected. New Zealand has an baggage weight limit of 23kilo, every kilo over is an extra $75! It took along time to get the bags balanced properly, and then we discovered that the scale was innacurate and generally indicated 5 extra kilos!

Anyways, thanx a trillion to all the great commrades and pals we met here in Aotearoa, and we look forward to seeing many folks in the northern hemisphere that we haven't seen in a while.

This blog will remain "Eabha the Kiwi" at www.eabhathekiwi.blogspot.com until we can print some photos from it; at that point, it is likely the url (website) and title will change. If you'd like to find out what the new co-ordinates are we we find out, send a blank email to with "update me" in the title OR give us a comment with your email address on it!

John D

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Waiheke Beach, Buy Nothing Day

This is another (while Eabha is napping) short post to post photos of our day trip to Waiheke Island, and to give thank all those around the world who participated in Buy Nothing Day.

The photos of the beach probably make the weather look cooler than it was. It was actually a beautiful day, but the ferry ride was quite cool and we didn't bother changing as soon as we got off the ferry (and before a lot of the photos were taken). It was a great little island with a lot to do, a great big thanx to Emily who did all the leg-work in organizing and researching!

We were pleased to get an email about Buy Nothing Day in Halifax, looked like it was a lot of fun for those who weren't arrested.

We were also pleased to have this link pointed out to us. This article about crime displays a shockingly classist attitude by Halifax Regional Police Chief Frank Beazley:

"The average person in this city is safe,” said Beazley. But some people are safer than others. “If you lead a normal family lifestyle, if you’re not out in the bar scene every night and not out in risky neighbourhoods … Older people like me are safe.”

As a follow-up to the content in the last post, 15 starbucks officials were charged with union busting, a pactice I had mentioned was synonomous with starbucks. Also related to that story, was that first global starbucks strike here in Auckland (two blocks away), has now spread to 10 other outlets in Auckland!!!

"The measure of the state's success is that the word anarchy frightens people, while the word state does not." --Joseph Sobran, Anarchy without Fear

We'll see many of you soon!

John D

Eabha ended up sleeping the entire ferry ride.. Em Posted by Picasa

From the ferry.. Em Posted by Picasa

From the ferry.. Em Posted by Picasa

From the ferry.. Em Posted by Picasa

From the ferry.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha ended up sleeping the 1/2 hour ferry ride, and the 1/2 hour bus ride as well.. Em Posted by Picasa

Playing.. Em Posted by Picasa

On the way to "our spot" on the beach.. Em Posted by Picasa

John by volcanic rock on the beach.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha on the beach.. Em Posted by Picasa

Volcanic rock.. Em Posted by Picasa

John on the beach.. Em Posted by Picasa

Isle & boat (Eabha can say boat, and beach and sand and sea shell).. JD Posted by Picasa

Volcanic islands.. JD Posted by Picasa

Green cliff.. JD Posted by Picasa

Birds eye view of where we were on the beach. If that bird was on the walking path above.. JD Posted by Picasa

Eabha ventures into the Pacific by herself.. JD Posted by Picasa

Emily in a tall tree on a big rock.. JD Posted by Picasa

Island Bus Shelter.. Em Posted by Picasa

Buy Nothing Day poster.. Em Posted by Picasa

We'll see many of you in a few days or weeks!.. JD&Em&Eabha&Rowan(dog) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Quick, Short Post..

I thought I'd post and entry because:

a) I really wanted to put these photos up.
b) Tom (our friend/flatmate) was complaining there hadn't been a photo of him in too long.

May I present "Eabha the Kiwi", now with 20% more Tom!

Speaking of friends/flatmates..."Cookie" just did an entry on her blog about "dumpster diving", or "skip diving" (in the U.K). Anywho, I thought it was interesting because cnn of all places did an article about it just yesterday (don't be put-off by the sexist title of the article, women dumpster as well). I wasn't the only one surprised that corporate media would do an article on the subject, the write-up was noted on an anarchist news site as well!

If you're procrastinating or just passing the time, our flatmate/friend "Cookie" sent me this link from activists back in the U.K. The activists were protesting against shell's involvement in the hanging of environmentalists in nigeria. Anyways the video on the link is rather telling because now that "everything's changed since 9-11" there are "no-protest zones" in down-town areas in the U.K! An activist at this demonstration asks a police officer about why such a rediculous law exists and the officer responds something to the effect of: "because people like me are paid to uphold rediculous laws". Very funny. We already knew that but sometimes it's refreshing to know that they know it and can articulate it as well. Want to watch the video (it's the second comment after the photos)?

We decided on Waiheke Island as a day-destination for our trip tomorrow (Monday as a rain date). We'll post photos then!

"I sit on a man's back choking him and making him carry me and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to lighten his load by all possible means, except by getting off his back."

--Leo Tolstoy, 1886

John D

Eabha and Dadad.. Em Posted by Picasa

Eabha and Dadad.. Em Posted by Picasa