Monday, January 30, 2006

Passing the Dime, Certification and I've Got Hue Under My Skin

Passing the Dime,

My first day substitute teaching was full of surprises. I was trained as a substitue teacher so when "M" asked me to take her grade one and two class I was admittedly a little intimidated. "No problem" I offered with the sort of enthusiasm one associates with inexperience. "Which period would this be for", I asked. "All day" she responded.

O.K, I'm thinking, I can follow instructions; so what if they are six years of unbridled energy?

"Sure" I answer, sounding a little less bold. "There's a lesson plan, left for me to follow"?

"No", replies 'M' laughing.

The day ended up being quite a bit of fun. Besides talking a girl out from under a table, and a few brief periods of drama; the day wasn't too bad. We learned about robots, watched a movie; I even walked away with some flowers fashioned out of construction paper.

Emily's day was much different. At about noon, so the story goes, Eabha was lying on her back playing with a nickle and a dime. Now Eabha's no stranger to coinage. We generally allow her to examine the pieces, as she knows they aren't to be put in her mouth, and if she finds them, she generally brings them over (her modest contribution to rent).

This time Eabha tried to throw the dime, but being on her back it went up in the air, and then right back down...her throat.

She gulps.

Five hours later she gets the o.k to go home from the radiologist. They didn't get to keep the x-rays, but Eabha walked away 10 cents richer, with a "glow-in-the-dark" x-ray sticker.

The next evening the dime presented itself without much fanfare. I plucked the piece from the pile which held it, and after having cleaned it off, I presented it to a relieved Emily who is working on turning it into a pendant of sorts. We figure we'll give it to her when she turns 16 and all her friends are around...don't tell her. I think of it as a crappy investment without any interest.


Apparently I'm six weeks away from provincial certification, at which point I can apply to the Halifax School Board. After that I think I may suffer withdrawl symptoms from lack of forms to fill out and fees to pay...maybe I'll just practice.

I've Got Hue Under My Skin

Emily's tattooing is taking off. She's had about 10 customers in the last week, providing more experience and income. People are really pleased with her work. I try to tell them that when they are struggling to be 90 year old sex symbols they will all regret it, yet no one pays any attention to me. We'll get some photos of the tattoos when they heal.

The Vote

So the results are in from last post's election and the winner was...Eabha. Some folks (rabble mostly) went on about the lack of choice in candidates. Hey, that's democracy. All you're asked to do is drop a ballot in a box once every four years, that's your contribution. Remember, if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain!

Here's your smile of the day. There's a horned beast who knows who's to blame for the perpetuation of his misery. Bulls-eye.

Do you know of a corporation that you think might be suspect? Look it up HERE! *The search function is in the top-right corner*

Keep the comments comming,

John D

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Eabha and the frog.. JD Posted by Picasa

Eabha and the frog.. JD Posted by Picasa

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