Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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If You Visit Our Blog..

If You Visit Our Blog..

Emily and I hope you go to these first two links. The first link *HERE* is a CBC article and video (top right-hand of screen) about the first day of our friend, Tre Arrow's extradition hearing. The second link *HERE* is Tre's actual site (also found under the "Comrades" section in the right hand column of this blog). We would be thrilled if you informed yourself of his plight, and then went to his page to see how you can help out (also good would be prayers, letters of support and vodoo dolls of the prosecution).

We have done some re-structuring of the site, removing the 12 hour clocks and replacing them with a LOT more links. We'll probably be updating them over the next few weeks. You'll notice the "Peak Oil" links have made their way down to the bottom. Order of appearance and importance are not aligned here, infact the issue of Peak Oil seems to be in the periphery of every news day.

Speaking of links, *HERE* is one about MORE UN inpections that are being thwarted. Well, I don't know about you; but I think it's going to be time to move in soon..

I have two more days to go until the three weeks off that we have been REALLY looking forward to.

I didn't get quite the "Eabha-Face" photo that I had wanted, so I finished off this post with a compilation of them. I'm still determined to capture the phenomenon clearly and directly.

You will see a few pictures of the finger puppets made by our friend Anna, that I had mentioned in the last post. More about her and Dave's generous gifts in the next post when we have better pictures.

Well, best I scoot and let you to those links and photos..


John D

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Small Steps and Giant Leaps.. JD Posted by Hello

Oh..No! Eabha crawls up on the chair for the first time (captured here on film). Emily and I must radically review our Eabha-proofing.. JD Posted by Hello

I can just see years isn't it?.. JD Posted by Hello

Reflecting on her accomplishment.. JD Posted by Hello

Crazy Tom.. JD Posted by Hello

Reading is sometimes a colaborative effort.. JD Posted by Hello

Tom reads to Eabha, Eabha appreciates...Tom's snack.. JD Posted by Hello

Tom is...The Finger Panda.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha plays with the finger puppets.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha really likes the finger puppets.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. JD Posted by Hello

Eabha Face.. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

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Study Break..

What are you saying?

Did you know this expression doesn't exist in New Zealand? Our good friend (and soon to be flatmate) Tom, keeps giving us sideways glances every time we say it. He's kind of a shifty character anyway; we hope to include some samples of his fabulous mug in our next post.

I am in the middle of the study craziness right now. I have these "on the spot" lesson plans I have to do. This involves coming in and planning a lesson from scratch with a verbatim transcript of everything you explain and instruct with activities. This is for an hour class, and we are given two hours. I finished my first one today and my last one is on Thursday. I have a 30% test tomorrow morning and a field trip to learn about field trips. Then a 30% presentation the next day.

Emily (who wasn't able to make it to Wellington due to a budget shortfall from the organizers) is getting ready for the zine fair (see last post) and weather-proofing the apartment. You can see what Auckland's weather is by clicking on the link under the Auckland clock on the right hand side of the post.

Eabha is making a new crazy face. I wouldn't quite put it up there with "Scrunchy Face" (the profile picture); but it is no doubt a close second. We'll definetly try to capture it on film for the next post.

Aaron K, thanx so much for the package! I'm gonna call you as soon as this crazy week is finished. Anna, Eabha LOVES the finger puppet show; we're gonna provide pics and an explanation in our next post, I'm gonna call you too. Jon, be careful!! You didn't tell us you were going so soon, let us know as soon as you get back!

On to the crazy world that unfolds between blog posts. What is the most appropriate environmental award? How about the least appropriate environmental award? Well the least appropriate environmental award would have to be a new Hummer, but the folks at this New Bruinswick Rotary Club thought it would be aperfect prize!! You can let them know what you think by sending them a comment here.

Let the inspections work!! Wait a minute Saddam has been removed from power?!? No, I mean the inspections at the torture factory in Guantanamo Bay! When does diplomacy run out on this administration? Time for a regime change!!

It looks like the G8 (counter) summit this year is going to be HUGE! For some great links go to and click on the links at the top, right of the screen by "G8".

Well, I'd better get back to studying. Stay tuned for our dynamic next post; coming soon!

May the Force be with you,

John D

Fascion crime.. JD Posted by Hello

Rainy daze.. JD Posted by Hello

Rainy daze.. Posted by Hello

Rainy daze.. JD Posted by Hello

Portrait of an artist.. JD Posted by Hello