Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lil' Update, Coupla' Photos

Thank you for the great feedback from the last photos I posted, I was a fan of several of them too. Some of you were asking why Éabha was done to the nine. The answer is, that's just how Éabha has been rolling lately. Pink is in, dresses are in, gaudy jewelry, heels, purses, in, in, in. For those who know her parents this may be a surprise, however we're both letting Éabha explore her inner diva, and are enjoying that her interests in other areas are just as strong (like faeries and bugs). Her swimming lessons have been going very well so far, and she's excited to be finishing her last month at this Rainbow Montessori.

Eleanor has been visiting for the last week, and will be back again from Eastern Ontario early this week. It's been great having her around, we both like her company. Oh. It's not just Eleanor anymore either; it's Eleanor and Brodie now. Eleanor picked up the 8 month old German Shepherd/Rottwieler mix in Kelwona, BC, thereby saving his plucky life. We've taught him a few commands over the days and are excited to get to know him better.

The first photo of Eleanor and Éabha I find quite striking because Éabha NEVER EVER just falls asleep in the middle of the day, except sometimes when she's in the car. I was stunned when I realized she was asleep and ran to the camera for photographic evidence.

The seagull picture was taken at the filthy Jack Darling Memorial Beach on disgusting Lake Ontario. This litter box beach has also been the setting for two of the dead carp photos posted earlier. The piece of plastic that says "Product of Canada" was there under the bird when I discovered it. I wanted to include it in the photo because it speaks to our collective responsibility for our current environmental crisis, and I think deaths like this one will increase as our capitalist state "develops".

The snake photo is compliments of Éabha. I shot the picture (and it's fuzzy because it was dark, and the snake was moving), but Éabha spotted the reptile from several feet away during our walk to her school. Good eye Éabha!

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