Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Nuther Photo Post

Not to boast about this post, it's the most. I like several of these photos quite a bit and two captions in particular. Several of the photos need to be clicked on to see them in their proper resolution (in Flickr).

The "Hidden Face" photo needs to be clicked on to see the face and the proper resolution.

Updates? Um, I'll be working at the slog for another month and change. A move to Ottawa definitely looks like a sure bet now, most likely for August 1st. I'll be teaching there if that's what happens. More on that in posts yet to come.

Working at the slog has taken it's toll on me physically, both because it's demanding physically but also because I eat most of my meals there and their menu doesn't accommodate for my (vegan) diet at all. I've gotten out of it what I needed to (just about), but I'll be sure glad to go!

I learned to play three new songs on guitar this last week. Here are the videos to two of them:

Comment And Visit Often! ;)

John D


At 5:18 PM, Blogger aliagator said...

hey JD! Just wanted to say your photos are really beautiful, I can always count on something interesting when I visit your blog. another event which directed me here is today in the cafe i'm working at here in dawson city a man came in who looked like your face twin! crazy!it totally threw me off- he was a cowboy though so i was quickly returned to reality.
hope you're doing awesome- glad ottawa's working out- send some love to eabha for me!


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