Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Hath Sprung

So a particularly belated update on what I can hardly refer to as a mid-April post.

I've picked up another job, and this last one is particularly taxing on my schedule. For the time being I'm waiting tables at a fast paced and popular restaurant. It's a terrible work environment and as with most jobs like it, it's a good strong workers union wanting to happen.

Just as an example, we're (the servers) financially responsible for "dine & dashes" (when customers duck out on their bill, or if a credit card/debit doesn't go through). This practice is a clear violation of the Ontario Wage Act and the Ontario Labour Code. Just as an example.

There are a few photos I hastily snapped of the kitchen and dinning area below in this post.

I know a lot of you who know me on Facebook are curious about the book I recently published. I've received the first two copies and they look great! I'm still going to be hush about the details until early next month when I will provide a link to order copies and details as to what the book is all about. I'm already plotting a second book.

I had an interview with one of the local school boards on the 16th of this month. I had a pretty good feeling about it, but I'll find out definitively in the second week of May. It's the first and only interview I've managed to land. See my earlier post on the terrible current state of the teaching market here in Ontario and elsewhere in the country.

Also in this post are photos of a moto-cross event I was invited to by my sister and her partner Chris.

Towards the bottom of the photos you'll also see photos of Eleanor, whom I was dating last February (see last February's post). It was great to see her finally after becoming much closer over the last several months as she finished her degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Éabha and I will both be looking forward to her return to Ontario in June, when she comes back from her May abode in British Columbia.

Éabha is doing really well, and I'm very proud of all the adjustments she's made with regards to my trying work schedule.

Kyna is still black and huge.

Here is a video (as promised) of Éabha playing with sidewalk chalk in the back yard.

Please visit and comment often (and not just when I'm late with a post...Anna.....Danny....)!

Love Always,

John D


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jd,

thanx for the long anticipated post!

it was amazing. the photo's were spectacular as per usual but to be honest i'd like to see more of you and eabha cause they are getting a little scarce compared to the frequency of pic's blog last year, but i'm happy with what you put up.

so what's the deal with this book business? email me bro.

do you spread any work place sabot/subversion? like spit and snot in the meals of rude rich customers? or hitting up the bathrooms with sharpie quotes?

are you planning on hitting up the west coast anytime soon?

keep up the posts, i check the blog about twice a week to see if you put any new stuff up.

take care,


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