Friday, February 29, 2008

A Pretty Good Month

Despite my weariness at chasing the elusive teaching job in Ontario, things went quite well this month. Everyone (including me) thinks Éabha has really developed quite well this month. She's started adding numbers, she counted to ten on her own, she's helping to set the table, she's consistently polite and helpful, her drawings and paintings are really starting to take form, and now after 3 months of being carried into Montessori school, Éabha (just this week) has taken to walking in on her own and hanging her belongings on her hook!

Éabha likes to hide beneath the window where her teachers are still surprised to see her, standing, then entering on her own. I've gained new appreciation for how consistency, regularity and met expectations can produce a calm well adjusted and open to learn Éabha.

Kyna is really looking forward to warmer weather so we can go out more often and get back in touch with our inner wolves.

I'm still taking photos all the time. Warmer weather will be good for that too. I'm about to make a transition (mostly for work) from abstract photography to more politicized images and captions. I'd like to capture political concepts in one image, and the caption should serve to clarify and perhaps add humor, irony or more information.

On the political front, why is it that ringmasters of the United States political circus are finally challenging NAFTA, when canadian liberal and conservative cowards still can't aknowlege what working people have been saying for years: that NAFTA and other neo-liberal trade agreements serve only the ruling class and harm the environment and working class people in all participating nation states.

The Dominion is now going on tour!!!

Here is a short for a great video about the Olympics in Vancouver:

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