Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow On Top Of Snow And More Snow To Come

A Mellow Yellow Hello,

This is one of those light on the update, heavy on the photographs posts. If you want photos of Éabha, there are several toward the bottom.

The school board search continues to be slow and long and frustrating. Photography is going fairly well, but I'm finding it exhausting. Sometimes there is as much time for editing (mostly deleting) and uploading as there is actual hours taking the photos! Thank you all for your comments on the last post by the way, I love to read them.

I went to Éabha's Montessori class on Monday, we both had a lot of fun. It was pretty wild because it's the same class, I went to Montessori in. In fact, about 50% of the room is still as it was 27 years ago!

Kyna is still big and dopey.

Well, yeah, that's about it. Happy Birthday to my father (for Saturday) if I don't post again before that point.

Bella Ciao,

John D


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